A taste of California in the U-District

International burger chain CaliBurger opened its first Seattle location last fall. It’s on University Way Northeast, the popular U-District arterial better known as the Ave.

My son and I were around the area a few Sundays ago and gave it a try.

The burgers and fries were really tasty. The shakes, not so much. The server at the milkshake station must have gotten the mix wrong that day. Too much milk, too little ice cream. Considering the price tag for our meal was rather steep for fast food at $28.76, I was hoping for a yummier treat.

On the bright side, the visit brought back memories of In-N-Out, the California chain my wife and I used to frequent when we lived in the Golden State.

CaliBurger isn’t In-N-Out, but a taste of sunny California in Seattle is always welcomed in my book. Especially on a drab February day.

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