Interview with El País: Cómo mirar a través de un lápiz

Discovering this article and video in El País today was like unwrapping a Christmas gift that got lost under the tree. What a nice surprise to end the year!

Ana Alfageme, a veteran journalist at the largest Spanish daily and currently their social media editor, interviewed me last month in Valencia, where I was attending a newspaper conference. The video, very nicely edited by Luis Almodovar, comes from about half and hour I spent with Alfageme walking around the City of Arts and Sciences complex. She taped it using her iPhone 4 as I sketched photo aficionados taking night shots of Calatrava’s magnificent architecture.

Below is another sketch I did at the City of Arts and Sciences earlier in the day. A crew of pool cleaners seemed to work around the clock, using long brooms to sweep the bottom surface.

Both sketches were done with a Lamy Safari fountain pen in a cardboard cover plain Moleskine notebook.