From pencil to ink

If you aim to make ink sketches with a certain degree of accuracy, it helps to block out the composition in light pencil first. I like to use an H pencil for that part of the process. The pencil marks are like the safety net that prevents the tightrope walker from hitting the ground if he misses a step.

Patience in this step of the process will ensure that your final ink drawing has the right proportions. With practice and dedication, you may choose to drop the pencil and dare to draw directly in ink, just like the best funambulists know how to perform without a net.

This drawing shows the historic Hannan House in Bothell, Washington. The building houses the Bothell Historical Museum, where I used to take participants of my Cloud 9 Art School urban sketching workshops before the pandemic. If you are ever in the area, I recommend a visit to Bothell Landing, the beautiful park by the Sammamish River where it is located.