The legacy of illustrator Miroslav Sasek

Miroslav Sasek, a Czech-born artist, was trained as an architect and made a career in children’s literature with books that depict city life around the world. Being an urban sketcher, it’s impossible not to find Sasek’s charming renditions of buildings, cars and city dwellers so inspiring.

According to the fan site “This is M. Sasek” screengrabbed above, the true owner of the rights to Sasek’s pictures is unknown.

“Mr Sasek’s publisher at W.H. Allen has been trying to find the true owner of the copyright for years. His search is ongoing. In the meantime, the royalities from the reissues are bieng held in a special fund until the copyright owner has been identified.”

That may be why I have found no official site for the author. But copies of his reissued books, fortunately, are available.