The awesome sketchbook of comic book artist Joshua Boulet

Joshua Boulet is a comic book artist, illustrator and sketcher originally from Texas whose work I just discovered a few months ago. I was particularly captivated by his self-published, 130-page book, Draw Occupy Wall Street, a graphic memoir he inked while living at Zuccoti Park, the epicenter of the Occupy movement in New York City.

The best part of finding Boulet’s work online was discovering that he moved to Seattle last year, so we’ve been able to meet in person and sketch together. Recently, he illustrated the ‘Best of Seattle‘ issue of Seattle Weekly with lively ink drawings that captured the pulse of the city. They showed politicians clapping during the unveiling of a tunneling machine, live music performances by the best local singers and patrons lining upat the city’s favorite bakery. He has also contributed to my Week In Sketches project.

Boulet works mostly in black and white, combining brush pen with a tricked-out Pilot pen he refills manually with Dr. Ph. Martin Black india ink. His work has wonderful detail, a distinct graphic-novel style and storytelling flavor. Comic book artists and sketchers interested in drawing live events are sure to be inspired by his work.

At $20 per copy, Draw Occupy Wall Street is more than worth its price. Get your copy while it lasts.