Sylvia Plath, urban sketcher

I’m not familiar with Sylvia Plath‘s writing, but I just learned that the acclaimed American poet was also an urban sketcher. The Telegraph announces that a selection of her drawings will be exhibited for the first time at The Mayor Gallery in London, Nov. 2 through Dec. 16.

The slideshow of Plath’s sketches posted by the british newspaper shows the type of everyday scenes urban sketchers are fond of capturing: people sitting at a cafe, a street kiosk and a mismatch of objects laying on the back of a house, to name a few.

The drawings appear methodically rendered, with great attention given to contrast and detail. They are terrific. If only blogs had existed back in her days, we could just go back and pull the writings she may have posted to accompany her sketches. Plath, who took her life in 1963 after a long battle with depression, would have turned 79 today.