‘On Location: Drawing Every Day’ exhibit at Montserrat College of Art

I’ve taken a little bit of the Northwest to the Northeast. Some of my Sketcher pieces are part of the exhibit “On Location: Drawing Every Day,” at Montserrat Galleries in Beverly, Mass., where I travelled recently for a 3-day artist residency at Montserrat College of Art. I met students of the illustration program, attended the exhibit’s artist reception and led a sketchcrawl with more than 40 students and staff in Beverly’s picturesque downtown.

The idea of a show of location drawings came from Fred Lynch, a faculty member at the school and fellow urban sketcher. The exhibit includes work by Lynch and other top-notch reportage illustrators I’m proud to be associated with: Peter ArkleElissa Della-PianaMargaret HurstKyle David Lindholm and Veronica Lawlor.

I had a fabulous time! Thanks to Fred, Leonie, Lucas, Maggie and everyone at Monserrat for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to talk about my work.

See more photos here.