Kirkland’s Heritage Hall turns 100

If you walk along Market Street in downtown Kirkland, Heritage Hall will definitely catch your eye.

A striking example of neoclassical architecture, the building serves as a gateway to a beautiful park with breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Washington and Seattle.

I love the simple geometry of the Greek revival facade: a triangle (the pediment), a horizontal rectangle (the frieze), and the supporting columns. Architects from Ancient Greece would be amazed if they knew how influential their work would become. From city halls and courthouses to schools and museums, you could say the look of the Ancient Greek temple has been going viral for centuries.

Heritage Hall was built as a Christian Science church in 1922, just as the city was beginning to grow. The community can take credit for preserving the building so well. In 1999 it was moved from its original location a block away to its current spot on Market Street. Now the city manages it as a rental venue for private events. It is also the home of the Kirkland Historical Society.

When I arrived here to meet a few sketcher friends the other day, I was not aware that Heritage Hall turns 100 this year until I read a plaque by the main door. That turned our visit into a little celebration of this impressive local landmark. Happy birthday, Kirkland’s Heritage Hall!

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