Pen and Wash class at Gage Academy of Art

These are some demo sketches from an online class I taught last month through Seattle’s internationally-known Gage Academy of Art. For the winter quarter I’m planning a new class (also via Zoom) devoted to “Pen and Wash” sketching. Would you like to join me? See description below, and link to schedule and registration here.

Pen and wash is a centuries-old art technique suitable to make sketches and illustrations relatively fast and with minimal tools. Ink lines render the subject and give it a sense of accuracy. Washes of watercolor or diluted ink add tonal value and color. Think of the ink as the bones that hold the piece together, and the wash as the flesh that adds volume and brings it to life. In this class, you will learn the properties of each medium and how to combine them successfully as you practice drawing from still life subjects and photo reference. The goal is to create artwork that looks fresh and spontaneous. If you’ve been having a hard time finding that sweet spot where ink and watercolor complement each other artfully on your sketchbook drawings or simply want to learn the technique, the live demos and critiques by Seattle Times artist and prolific pen and wash sketcher Gabriel Campanario will help you step up your game. The class is ideal for artists and drawing enthusiasts of all levels interested in pen and wash for urban sketching, portraiture, illustrated journaling or any other type of art project.