Live from the ballpark

In this day and age of high-tech, instant tweets and Facebook posts, does sharing sketches live matter?

Last night, I typed this post from the stands at Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners were winning 7-1 against the Angels in the top of the ninth inning. I used binoculars to make the sketch so I could see the player better, then I took a photo with my iPhone, cropped it and sharpened in my Photoshop Express app and shared it on the Urban Sketchers blog with the Blogger app, also from my iPhone.

Live sketching and posting is a bit of a rush. I did it recently when I covered the U.S. Open for the Seattle Times. But is it worth the hustle? How much value does it add? Do readers/viewers care as much as they do from from watching live events on TV or getting live updates on social media?